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With its timeless design and simple shape, ARTIST is a beautiful candidate for a future classic. As the name suggests, Artist is modeled on the world of music – inspired by a drum kit cymbal. Design by Bønnelycke MDD. The Artist Pendant has a beautiful timeless design and simple shape to compliment any modern or classic design style. 

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These glamorous feather lamps feature luxurious black or white feathers held in place by a gold metal wire frame. Soft and delicate, the lights are reminiscent of the elegant feather boas and decadent hats of days gone by, but the design is totally contemporary. 

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Bundling several glass balls by the thin cable, Random pendant light makes water drops visible. Available in four colors, this glass pendant lamp will be sparkling when illuminated.

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Soap Bubble Chandelier is an elegant and beautiful decoration. The clear glass balls form a cute shape. With the warm light, it is striking and gives off an alluring charm.

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Unfold Pendant Lamp Unfold pendant lamp is a modern and exquisite design for lightning.Made of novel materials,Unfold Hanging  Lamp features fifteen choices of finishes, including vigorous and fresh colors, which is easy to make you have a good mood. It can be used singly or hung with combination.

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Caravaggio Pendant Lamp adopts the unique design of connection between aluminium lampshade and cable, making it look like suspending in the air. The smooth surface outlines the beauty of lines. Caravaggio chandelier is a kind of artistic design, with a simple structure to show the beauty of the line design, is a beautiful decoration. Made of premium stainless steel and aluminum, it comes in five sizes and two finishes to meet your diverse needs. Caravaggio chandeliers are especially popular for their unique design style. The light from the Caravaggio chandelier is warm and comfortable, and it can not only meet your lighting needs, but also add an extra decorative touch to your interior.

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The integration of materials into daily life is not only a bold attempt to stimulate business value, but also a daily practice of environmental protection concepts. It is also a basic insistence and pursuit of self-dignity. We explore a contemporary breakthrough in ceramics across regional limitations!

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It is hoped that hanging lamps can achieve a refractive effect similar to glass, without any limitations in terms of size, thickness and weight. Looks like a transparent crystal ball from the outside, as if in the dream of the fairy tale world. Thin polycarbonate Fresnel lenses multiply the light, creating a cheerful, shimmering and festive atmosphere.

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Suspension lamp is a sophisticated design full of modernity. With beautiful and simple design, the lamp is like a pendulum. The designers used basic elements honestly to create such a simple modern lamp. Due to the small cone at the top of the lampshade, the pendant has an infinity diffuser that focuses light, prevents glare and creates the optical illusion of open shadows, resulting in soft light. , to create a comfortable atmosphere for you.

You can add extra trim to your interior by purchasing multiple products of different sizes and assembling them in different ways.

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The Ling P1 LED Pendant is inspired by early metal fences in Taiwan surrounding balconies and windows. The metal structure is reminiscent of art deco design through the geometric shape. This lamp is the perfect choice for interior decoration.

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The aballs pendant lamp appearance is contracted, be full of fashionable feeling, this benefits from the elaborate design of stylist. The aballs light has a white glass sphere that is firmly balanced on a brushed metal base, and the overall shape is refined and simple, full of life and energy.

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The luminous sphere is here a pretext for a journey in the solar system.  Saturne pendant lamp appearance is contracted, be full of fashionable feeling, this benefits from the elaborate design of stylist. Saturne lamps are eye-catching in any space, and they can also complement each other in pairs and larger combinations to create dramatic landscapes.

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NUCE SUSPENSION emits diffuse light through the glass lampshade. It can perform fixed-point irradiation according to your installation method. The shape of the lamp body is inspired by tulips, bringing a warm and comfortable atmosphere to the interior in the shape of flowers. NUCE SUSPENSION is very popular with its special appearance design. 

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