Aura Chandelier

As the name suggests, this contemporary chandelier beckons its own atmosphere, conjuring serenity and grace - achieving simplicity through intricate design. With a variety of polished and brushed finishes available, the precisely coiled rings encase the LED light configuration, balancing both internal and external facing dimmable light dispersed by hundreds of hand-assembled twinkling diffusers. The subtle suspension cables are adjustable to personalise the hanging configuration as desired. Bespoke options and design service available.

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Aura Chandelier Size

  • Size: Dia 45cm/ ∅ 17.7″
  • Size: Dia 65cm/ ∅ 25.6″
  • Size: Dia 75cm/ ∅ 29.5″
  • Size: Dia 85cm/ ∅ 33.5″
  • Size: Dia 108cm/ ∅ 42.5″
  • 2 Tiers size: Dia 45 + 65cm
  • 2 Tiers size: Dia 65 + 75cm
  • 2 Tiers size: Dia 75 + 85cm
  • 2 Tiers size: Dia 85 + 108cm
  • 3 Tiers size: Dia 45 + 65cm + 75cm
  • 3 Tiers size: Dia 65 + 75cm + 85cm
  • 3 Tiers size: Dia 75 + 85cm + 108cm
  • 4 Tiers size: Dia 45 + 65cm + 75cm + 85cm
  • 4 Tiers size: Dia 65 + 75cm + 85cm + 108cm
  • 5 Tiers size: Dia 45 + 65cm + 75cm + 85cm + 108cm
  • Standard profile size: 38x19mm/1.5″ x 0.75″ From 5 rings, 45 to 108 cm diameter.
  • You are welcome to contact us for customized layers and sizes. Bespoke options available. Integral LED lighting. Hanging - Fully adjustable drop height on 1.2mm stainless steel suspension cables. Light Source - External or internal multifaceted clear diffusers.(As shown below)
  • Aura Chandelier    Aura Chandelier
  • Aura Chandelier

Aura Chandelier Details

  • Material: Metal / Stainless steel / Acrylic
  • Light source: Integral LED lighting (External or internal multifaceted clear diffusers)
  • Power: (Wattage dependent on sizing)
  • Input Voltage: 110V-240V-277V, to be specified.
  • Power to fixtures: Via suspension cables. Light Output: decorative lighting element only.
  • Weight: 3kg/ 6.6lbs
  • Finishes:  Antique Bronze
  • Process: Polishing, Electroplating
  • Control method: LED Driver - Triac Dimmable (5%-100%) as standard,
  • We provide 150cm / 59 "wire length, which can be lengthened as needed. (Single lamp version) Multi-lamp version: 4 layers, 5 layers, 6 layers or more layers can be customized in length or height. We provide two suspension solutions, please contact us for more information.
  • Suspension method (as shown below)
  • Aura Chandelier    Aura Chandelier
Product Details

Data sheet

Size2 Tiers 45cm + 65cm
2 Tiers 65cm + 75cm
2 Tiers 75cm + 85cm
2 Tiers 85cm + 108cm
3 Tiers 45cm + 65cm + 75cm
3 Tiers 65cm + 75cm + 85cm
3 Tiers 75cm + 85cm + 108cm
4 Tiers 45cm + 65cm + 75cm + 85cm
4 Tiers 65cm + 75cm + 85cm + 108cm
5 Tiers 45cm + 65cm + 75cm + 85cm + 108cm
Dia 45cm
Dia 65cm
Dia 75cm
Dia 85cm
Dia 108cm
light sourceExternal
control methodRC Dimmer
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