LED Vertigo Nova Pendant Lamp


LED Vertigo Nova Pendant Lamp is a charming large chandelier as well as an adornment. Come and be a pioneer in having this latest fashion in your home. Available in three sizes and two colours. Dimmable version.

  • Dia 80 cm
  • Dia 100 cm
  • Dia 140 cm
  • Dia 170 cm
  • Dia 200 cm
  • Dia 120 cm
  • Black

SKU: PL09854-1
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LED Vertigo Nova Pendant Lamp

Elegant and contracted fusion collision

Petite Friture and Constance Guisset, an inseparable duo with lofty ambitions, have started a new chapter of the Vertigo story with Vertigo Nova: a highly technical piece of sophisticated design. The interesting and graceful Vertigo Pendant Lamp has a new version. 

The glass lamp body creates a light luxury texture atmosphere 

The vast veil of graphic lines mounted atop a sphere of handblown glass uses built-in LED technology to emit a soft light. LED Vertigo Nova Pendant Lamp replaces the common bulb in the middle with a warm LED light source which is shaped like a flying saucer. When it is whirling in the wind, its strips are flickering, making you in a state of vertigo. The novel "hat" Vertigo Lamp removes one of the conspicuous features of lighting - the lamp holder, which is its outstanding design, making it look like more a chic adornment than a pendant light.

An interesting lamp with multiple size options to meet your diverse needs

LED Vertigo Nova Pendant Lamp is a charming large chandelier as well as an adornment. Come and be a pioneer in having this latest fashion in your home. Available in six sizes and two colours. A line that comes in black or white, for two subtly different moods: opalescent white on white, or ashen grey on black for the pinnacle of sophistication.

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LED Vertigo Nova Pendant Lamp Size

  • Size A: Dia 80 cm/ Φ 31.5″
  • Size B: Dia 100 cm/ Φ 39.4″
  • Size C: Dia 120 cm/ Φ 47.2″
  • Size D: Dia 140 cm/ Φ 55.1″
  • Size E: Dia 170 cm/ Φ 66.9″
  • Size F: Dia 200 cm/ Φ 78.7″
  • Vertigo Nova Pendant lamp

LED Vertigo Nova Pendant Lamp Details

  • Material: Metal/ Aluminum/ Fiberglass/ Polyurethane
  • Light source: LED-chip
  • Power: 10 W (Color temperature- 2700K)
  • Weight: 3 kg/ 6.6 lbs
  • Finishes: Black
  • Process: Die Casting/ Paint
  • Control method: push button switch
  • We provide 150 cm/ 59″ wires which can be extended upon request.
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Data sheet

SizeDia 80cm
Dia 100cm
Dia 120cm
Dia 140cm
Dia 170cm
Dia 200cm
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