Siri Voice Control 7W RGB Smart Light Bulb


Smart bulbs have many magical and interesting features that can improve your quality of life. First of all, smart bulbs can use APP to control the light to realize control anytime and anywhere. By using timer function, smart LED bulbs can be automatically turned on and off to realize the wish of never going back to the dark house. Second, you can control it by voice. You can adjust the brightness of the bulb at will to meet the needs of different scenes. Finally, it can also realize remote and group control to provide you with the convenience of life.


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 Voice Control RGB Smart Light Bulb

Smart lamp, provide high quality of life

Smart bulbs have many magical and interesting features that can improve your quality of life. First of all, the smart bulb can be controlled anytime and anywhere using the APP (scan the QR code on the package to download the free APP).

With the APP (compatible with Android and iOS), you can turn the light on or off anytime and anywhere using your smartphone. Never having to run home worrying about leaving the lights on on your way to work can help you start your day in a good mood.

Never go back to the dark house

You can realize your wish of never going back to a dark house by using the timer function of the light schedule on the app to automatically turn on and off the power of smart LED bulbs. It can let you come home every day to have the warm light welcome, increase the sense of security, warmth and happiness.

Voice-controlled Smart light bulbs

You can control it by voice, easily voice control all smart bulbs including on/off, brightness by integrating with Amazon Alexa Echo or Google Home Assistant. For example, you could say, "Alexa switched my smart light bulb to 50% brightness."No hub/bridge required! Added support for Apple's Siri shortcut command, you can set voice commands to control the light bulb. For example: "Hey Siri, turn off the light in the bedroom.

That way, you don't have to worry about your undersized child stepping on the chair to turn on the light bulb and falling over. Therefore, it can increase the interest and security of life.

Smart light provide convenient life

You can adjust the light at will, the brightness of the bulb can be adjusted to suit the needs of different scenes, it can be adjusted to 30-1550 lumens. Most notably, the smart bulb can also realize remote and group control. Keep the wifi smart bulb connected to your home network (only supports 2.4ghz wifi).

You can remotely control the smart bulb on your smartphone to simulate when you leave home, there are people in the house. The group control function allows you to control multiple intelligent bulbs for scene setting at the same time, providing you with convenience in life.


1. If the first connection to the bulb is unsuccessful, Please confirm that the wifi signal band is 2.4G and as close as possible to the device.Try again.

2. Be sure to turn off the power before inserting or removing the lamp from the lamp holder.

3. Do not remove the lamp immediately after use. Allow the bulb to cool to room temperature before removing it.

4. Can be used outdoors, but make sure that the metal head will not get wet in the rain.

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